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Our Courses

Visual Arts

Class Type: Online (Group or 1:1)

Our ECE certified Art teachers not only are trained to work with children and not only are university graduates in the field of Fine Arts, but they are exceptional in training children to be creative.

Language Arts

Class Type: Online:Group

Based on Canadian Syllabus and Education System. Grammar, Speaking, Creative Writing, and reading are some of the main activities.


Class Type: Online:Group

Computer Coding courses are offered in three levels 1, 2 and 3. Each Session is 10 hours until level goals are achieved.


Class Type: Online:Group

Our adults language programmes serve a vast group of learners: General English, IELTS/TOEFL prep, Academic Writing, Conversation and Pronunciation, etc.

Academic Writing

Class Type: Online:Group/1:1

During the course (40 Hours) participants will practice and master the the art of academic writing.


Class Type: Online (1:1)

Tutorial lessons are 1-on-1 language classes for students who want to improve specific areas of their knowledge of language.